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Boarding Education as an Effective Form of Character Education for Students

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JURNAL LABUAN BAJO | OPINI – The complexity of education in Indonesia is well-known to us. Essentially, it is fraught with issues surrounding the character and personality of students.

The crisis of student character or morality is marked by incidents of student conflicts, substance abuse (narcotics), promiscuity, and several moral education crises, such as the lack of respect or courtesy towards teachers or elders.

Some of these issues cannot be avoided anymore due to the evolving nature of society, transitioning from an industrial to an information-rich society (Ridwan, 2018).

Therefore, addressing these issues, character education in shaping students’ morals is crucial. This is because education is not just about developing the cognitive domain of students; it must also develop the affective and psychomotor domains to guide students towards developing character traits that reflect the nation’s values (Amri et al., 2019).

Addressing this problem, the boarding school education model is one alternative to enhance students’ character (Perdana et al., 2018). Boarding education is a model where students not only learn but also reside and live together in the institution (Dua, 2014).

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