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Education in Remote Areas, Forgitten Elegy

Potret anak pergi sekolah Perbesar

Potret anak pergi sekolah

Oleh: Elias Chavara Beso

JURNAL LABUAN BAJO | OPINI – It’s really worrying, it feels like the hart is being torn apart because in this moderen era, there are still school in remote areas that have no received assistance and helping hands from the government even though Indonesia has been independent for 78 years.

In fact, many children in remote areas, especially in Manggarai, have not been able to experience the benefits of the internet network, communication tools such as cell phones (gadgets) or television, sometimes in the Manggarai area or in remote areas in Indinesia there is no electricity so the children children have difficulty getting information in cities, and it is no longer a secret that children who live in remote areas find it very difficult to get a decent life like children in general.

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