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News · 9 Mar 2024 02:31 WITA ·

Exploring Student’s Potential Through an Interest-Based Learning Approach  

Fransisko Yevendi Kelvin Perbesar

Fransisko Yevendi Kelvin

Oleh: Fransisko Yevendi Kelvin

Mahasiswa UNIKA St.Paulus Ruteng

JURNAL LABUAN BAJO | OPINI – What is the  meaning of student’s potential? Student’s potential is students with gifts or talents that are capable of creative, committed work at levels that often approach talented adults. Every student has the potential to learn, grow, and become a successful member of society.

The real question then becomes, how do we get them there? Every student has a set of strengths and weaknesses that will affect his or her ability to learn and the level at which they learn.

Interestt based learning is a teaching and learning strategy where students mimic behaviors displayed by those in the scientific community to construct scientific knowledge. The main goal of Interest-based learning is to try to ignite the passion and relevance to discover their hidden talents.

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