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News · 5 Mar 2024 02:43 WITA ·

 Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources

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Oleh: Patricia Nadya

JURNAL LABUAN BAJO | OPINI – Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face today. One of the most obvious and damaging impacts of climate change is on water resources.

Water is an important source of life for all living things on earth, and climate change has threatened the continued availability and quality of water globally.

Climate change has created serious challenges, especially regarding water resources which are very important for human life. Its impact is more pronounced in villages, causing a water crisis that threatens the daily lives of residents. Rising global temperatures have also resulted in unstable rainfall patterns, creating shortages.  water in various regions.

Water shortages in villages not only affect the daily lives of residents, but also have a direct impact on agricultural production, which is the main livelihood of most of the people there. Crops depend on sufficient water supplies to grow and develop well.

However, with the decline  water availability is significant, agricultural productivity has experienced a drastic decline, threatening food and economic security in the region.

A concrete example can be seen in the village of Regho West Manggarai, farmers who usually rely on springs as a source of irrigation, are now struggling with a drastic decline in water levels.

When the dry season arrives, the rivers which are the source of life for the village become dry, leaving the agricultural land barren. Farmers  who depend on agriculture as their main source of livelihood face serious threats to their livelihoods.

Dr. Siti Rahayu, a hydrologist who studies climate change in tropical regions, highlighted the complexity of the impact of climate change on water resources in villages.

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She explained that increasing global temperatures significantly increases the rate of evaporation, which in turn dries up rivers and springs in the region.  A better understanding of the specific hydrological behavior of this area will be important in developing mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Experts such as Dr.  Vandana Shiva, environmental activist and agricultural scientist, highlighted the urgency of action on the impacts of climate change on water resources.

According to him, protecting and restoring water ecosystems is the key to overcoming this crisis.  Apart from that, increasing adaptation capacity at the local level is also needed to ensure that village communities can adapt to the changes that occur.

Wise and sustainable water management is the key to facing this challenge.  Hydrologists and environmental engineers emphasize the importance of infrastructure that can store and distribute water efficiently.

Utilizing advanced irrigation technology and innovative water storage systems can help villages cope with changing rainfall patterns.

The importance of education and community awareness in villages should not be ignored. By increasing community understanding of the importance of protecting water resources, it is hoped that a culture of conservation will emerge that can reduce pressure on water resources in villages.

In this context, cooperation between governments, international institutions and local communities is key in finding long-term solutions.

Technical and financial assistance can help villages develop resilient water infrastructure and build local capacity to face climate change. Only with joint efforts can villages face a sustainable future and avoid more serious water crises.

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