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Navigating the Path Towards Gender Equality: Challenges and Hopes

Efridus Harjo (dokpir) Perbesar

Efridus Harjo (dokpir)

Oleh: Efridus Harjo

Mahasiswa UNIKA St.Paulus Ruteng

JURNAL LABUAN BAJO | OPINI – Gender equality remains an ongoing struggle in many parts of the world, including Indonesia. Despite significant progress in recent decades, challenges persist.

On one hand, there is an increased awareness of the importance of gender equality, and concrete steps have been taken to achieve it, such as policies supporting gender equality in the workplace and education.

However, on the other hand, there are still many social and cultural structures that hinder the journey towards equality.

One of the main challenges is the entrenched stereotypical thinking about gender roles within society. This is reflected in the unequal division of labor between men and women, as well as in social norms that inhibit women from reaching their full potential.

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