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Stop Feeling Victimized: How Women Reflect About The Gender Inequality

Yeremias Ansi Ranggut Perbesar

Yeremias Ansi Ranggut

Oleh: Yeremias Ansi Ranggut

JURNAL LABUAN BAJO | OPINI – Gender injustice has become a deep-seated and complex issue in our society. However, in the struggle for equality, sometimes we observe that women themselves may be trapped in the role of victims, without realizing that the power to change that situation lies within themselves.

Self-reflection is a crucial process for women in facing gender injustice. By contemplating their roles, strengths, and how they can contribute to the struggle for equality, women can become effective agents of change in realizing a fairer and more equal world.

Reflecting on how women perceive themselves and their roles in society is an important first step in efforts to move away from feeling like victims.

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