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The Influence Of The Great Value Of Belis On Women’s Respect And Dignity In Manggarai

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Mahasiswi UNIKA St.Paulus Ruteng

JURNAL LABUAN BAJO | OPINI – Culture is something that is inherent in human life. Culture has existed since humans were born on earth, based on a certain cultural context according to the origin of the region or geographical conditions. One of the cultural traditions that is still practiced today and is considered sacred is the belis tradition.

In the traditional marriage of the manggarai belis community or dowry is seen as something sacred and important before entering into a series of marriages. Belis is a symbol or form of appreciation and recognition of the dignity of women and thanks to the bride for dedicating the rest of her life to her partner.

The belis tradition is hereditary and is carried out by couples who want to continue the marriage ladder, but they have to go through the stages of the traditions that are owned by the Manggarai community, one of which is belis (paca). Belis is one of the cultures of the Manggarai people which aims to be able to carry out legal marriages according to custom.

Belis is also a traditional manggarai demand that generally lasts from the next generation. The existence of belis in Manggarai raises a polemic from various parties, especially married couples. The magnitude of the , belis value given by the men to the women turned out to raise an issue that quite attracted the attention of the Manggarai people and the targets were the Manggarai women, maybe there were various parties who did not really criticize this, however, on the other hand they had their own controversy about this matter.

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