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The Need for School Education Facilities in NTT Which are Still Very Underdeveloped

Venansius Herson  Perbesar

Venansius Herson 

Oleh: Venansius Herson 

Mahasiswa UNIKA St.Paulus Ruteng

JURNAL LABUAN BAJO | OPINI – Facilities are means that make it easier for people to do something. This understanding comes from the etymology of the word “facility” which is derived from Latin, facilis, meaning “easy” in the large Indonesian dictionary, facilities are understood as a means to facilitate the implementation of functions or a means of convenience. 

Education is one way to build an intelligent society and a more prosperous future. So, School facilities are facilities and infrastructure that support the implementation of educational activities. Educational facilities have broad applications, namely as education in the form of learning tools in teaching facilities that are directly used for teaching and learning processes such as classrooms, libraries, practice rooms and laboratories. Infrastructure that is not used for teaching and learning processes but indirectly for learning processes such as offices, principal’s offices, staff rooms, toilets and school canteens.

The facilities infrastructure in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province is still lagging behind other provinces in Indonesia in several aspects. Some characteristics of the condition involve: Classroom Limitations Some schools may experience classroom space limitations, resulting in overcrowded classes and hindering an effective learning experience. Lack of Complementary Facilities:  Some schools in NTT may not be fully equipped with complementary facilities, such as adequate libraries, laboratories or sports facilities. High School Dropout Rate: a Inadequate infrastructure conditions can contribute to high school dropout rates, especially in remote areas. Limited Access : Limited transportation infrastructure can hinder access to schools, especially in hard-to-reach areas. School Building Quality:  Some schools may require building repairs and maintenance to ensure safety and comfort for students and teaching staff.

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Concrete examples of school education facilities in NTT that are still lagging. Behind are students at SDN Lebantour, Koja Doi Village, East Alok District, Sikka Regast Manggarai Regency, North Lamba Leda  District. Golo Wontong village and Golo Paleng village is still very far from being worthy  which has to cross the sea and use a boat to get to their school.

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