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Travel · 7 Mar 2024 11:35 WITA ·

The Role of Project Based Learning in Developing Critical Abilities of English Language Education Students

Elfride Olga Godeliva Perbesar

Elfride Olga Godeliva

Oleh: Elfride Olga Godeliva

Mahasiswi UNIKA St.Paulus Ruteng

JURNAL LABUAN BAJO | OPINI – Project based learning is an activity where students learn through active involvement in practical projects or assignments that reflect real world situations or working together directly.

The role of project-based learning in developing the critical abilities of English language education students is  that they are able to analyze, evaluate, and interpret various information in a foreign language.

Through project based learning, students have the opportunity to apply or put into practice their knowledge and skills in a real context, so as to improve their critical abilities.

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